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If you have a problem with the shape and/or color of your existing teeth, then by using the latest CEREC© CAD/CAM technology we can cover the front surface of your teeth with porcelain or EMax© veneers and help enhance their cosmetic appearance within 6 days.

How Much Do Veneers Cost? 


Veneers are a thin covering applied to the front of your teeth only, approximately 1 mm thickness. Because of this thinness they are suitable for aesthetically enhancing your smile if you have stained, mis-colored, damaged, or slightly chipped teeth. Veneers cannot replace functionality, so your underlying teeth should be strong and sturdy. However, for updating your tired, yellowed smile, veneers can be a perfect choice for you while maintaining the integrity of your own teeth.



new teeth makeover



You can chose between porcelain or EMax© materials. Emax© is the most popular material for veneers as it's renowned for it’s translucency and natural appearance as well as durability. No one will be able to distinguish which of your teeth are Emax© veneers and which are your own original teeth. The veneers are crafted from a single block of Emax©, a form of ceramic, and are produced with CEREC© CAD/CAM technology and hand finished by expert technicians in our in house laboratory. And with a 5 year guarantee you can be assured of our quality. 


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If you have more damage to your teeth than veneers can accomodate you should consider zirconia dental crowns as a solution. Both treatments have their pros and cons, and we can help you decide which treatment is right for you. Contact us today for a personalized treatment plan!