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Tummy Tuck

For those with a small pooch or lower belly skin laxity, a mini tummy tuck could be right for you. A mini tummy tuck addresses loose skin, lax muscles, and the dreaded pooch for the area beneath the belly button only. For those who've lost extensive weight or endured pregancy, with a shorter scar and shorter recovery time, a mini tummy tuck could be right for you!

Why a mini instead of a full tummy tuck?

During a mini tummy tuck the excess skin under the belly can be removed using a shorter incision than for a full tummy tuck. This procedure is called mini abdominal lift since it is a more minor procedure than the conventional abdominal lift surgery.

Complete abdominal lift instead of mini abdominal lift procedure produces better results in patients who have excessive sagging in the abdomen and excess skin in the upper abdominal region.

Generally, it takes a shorter surgery and recovery time compared with the complete abdominal lift procedure. The incision is planned to go through the groin.

Post surgery and recovery

Usually, 1 night of hospital stay is enough. There may be tension, pain and tenderness for 24-48 hours following the procedure. The sensation of tension is reduced on the 3rd day. The use of a corset is required. Within 2-3 weeks, the patient can return to daily life activities to a great extent. The resulting scars are evident in the first few months, gradually fading over time.

The lateral length depends on the amount of excess skin and the extent of expansion towards the waist. Trying to keep the scar short may lead to the formation of skin folds, called "dog ears". These can then be corrected under local anesthesia, if necessary.