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What Is the Meaning of "Turkey Teeth"?

"Turkey teeth" is a term coined by British people to describe dental treatment carried out in Turkey. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of British individuals have chosen Turkey for their dental procedures, leading to the country's rising popularity in this regard.

Especially for procedures like the Hollywood Smile Makeover, which involves aesthetic dental treatments, individuals have been flocking to Turkey. Katie Pierce, a Love Island contestant, played a significant role in popularizing the concept of "turkey teeth" due to her visit for aesthetic dental work.

Aside from aesthetic treatments, many people have also come to Turkey for functional dental treatments aimed at improving their oral health. Particularly, patients with missing teeth who find dental care expensive in England and the United States have discovered an affordable solution by seeking treatment in Turkey.

After experiencing the higher standards of Turkish dentistry and top-level patient care, these individuals often recommend Turkey to their friends and families for dental procedures. The power of word-of-mouth recommendations has worked its magic, resulting in approximately 700,000 British people visiting Turkey for dental tourism in 2022 alone.

The increasing popularity of dental treatment in Turkey among people from the USA, England, Ireland, and Canada is evident when you observe the rising search interest in terms like "what are turkey teeth meaning" and "what are turkey teeth Love Island."

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