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Why Are Teeth Treatments So Affordable in Turkey?

4 reasons of cheap teeth in Turkey


In recent years, Turkey has become a popular destination for dental tourism, with patients from around the world flocking to the country to receive quality dental treatments at a fraction of the cost they might pay in their home countries. But why are teeth treatments so cheap in Turkey? In this article, we will explore the factors contributing to the affordability of dental care in Turkey, including the impact of the favorable currency exchange rate and other key factors that make it an attractive option for dental tourists.

1. Currency Exchange Rate Advantage

One of the most significant factors that make dental treatments affordable in Turkey is the favorable currency exchange rate. The Turkish Lira (TRY) often offers a substantial advantage for international visitors, especially when compared to the currencies of many Western countries. This favorable exchange rate can significantly reduce the overall cost of dental procedures for foreign patients.

2. Low Salaries of Dentists and Dental Staff

The main cost difference for a dental treatment between western countries and Turkey starts at the Salaries of dentists and dental staff.

For example, say a dentist in UK earns 20.000 GBP or in USA 20.000 USD. A dentist in Turkey earns 60.000 Turkish lira which is equal to 1800 GBP or 2200 USD.

Although 60.000 turkish lira is a good salary in Turkey for a dentist, in sterlin or dolar wise, it is low. This is giving the chance to provide lower prices in GBP, USD or EURO.   

Dental staff in Turkey typically earn lower salaries than their counterparts in countries with higher living costs. This is not to say that Turkish dental professionals lack qualifications or expertise; in fact, many Turkish dentists are highly trained and experienced. However, the combination of lower salaries and lower operating costs allows dental clinics to offer competitive pricing to international patients.

3. Lower Cost of Setting Up a Dental Office

Dental clinics in Turkey are using no lower quality equipments than any other dentist in UK or other western countries. The quality of dentist chairs, dentist instruments, dental implants, dental materials of making teeth have same or may be even have more quality then western countries.

However, Turkish dentists benefit from a lower cost of setting up and operating their practices compared to their counterparts in Western countries. These cost savings can be attributed to various factors, including more affordable real estate prices and lower construction costs..

4. Low Cost of Living

Turkey boasts a lower cost of living compared to many Western nations, which has a direct impact on the affordability of dental treatments. Lower operational costs for dental clinics translate into more competitive prices for patients seeking dental care. Additionally, lower living costs mean that dental professionals in Turkey can maintain a comfortable standard of living while charging patients less for their services.


In conclusion, the affordability of dental treatments in Turkey can be attributed to a combination of factors. The favorable currency exchange rate, lower cost of setting up dental offices, the overall low cost of living, and competitive salaries for dental staff all contribute to the lower prices that make Turkey an attractive destination for dental tourism. As dental care quality in Turkey continues to rise, it's no surprise that more patients from around the world are choosing Turkey for their dental needs. If you're considering dental treatment in Turkey, you can benefit from both high-quality care and substantial cost savings.

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